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Damascus Sewage Treatment Plant


Adra, Syria

Company Participation: Sub-Contractor to Ansaldo Co. / EMIT

Client: Damascus Governorate

About Project

Adra wastewater treatment plant located on the outskirts of Damascus is the primary plant with maximum capacity of 40400 m/hr. The works are divided as follows:

  • 1 Lot water lines
  • 2 Lot sludge and energy recovery system
  • Transformers 20 kv / 63 kv
  • 3 Powers generator working on gas methane capacity 3 m.w. each.

The designer for the whole plant was prepared by ANSALDO / EMIT, while FTCC was the prime execution contractor for electro-mechanical erection and commissioning for the whole project including installation of control system with mimic panel, computer system, telecommunication system, grounding system, erection of the transformer and power generators with complete power net works, installation of fire fighting system, installation of HVAC for the control building.